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Solar Ready Roof Installation in Pennsylvania

Even if you are not currently planning on a roof top solar installation you may want to add solar to your roof in the future. At Kautz Roofing Company, we work closely with business clients to design “solar ready” roof systems. Putting a roof mounted solar system on your roof could void your roof warrantee. If you are currently thinking of installing a roof top solar system call us for a free evaluation of your current roof system. Our expert team can advise you if your current roof is “solar ready”or if it will need upgrades or replacement before you install your new solar system. We can work with your solar company or involve our sister company, KC Green Energy LLC. KC Green Energy LLC is one of the largest and most trusted Solar System installers in Pa. We can help you with not only the design of the roof but also the design and installation of your commercial solar system. Our goal is to deliver commercial solar ready roof systems and solar electric systems that deliver results when you need them most. No matter what type of system you are looking for, you can count on us to provide you with the leading options on the market today. Call to speak with us for a full estimate on any of your products and services.

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Commercial Solar Systems: Lock in the costs of your electricity for the next 25-40 years. Increase your positive cash flow.

When you own your own business, you likely have enough to spend money on without worrying about your energy costs. However, fluctuating electrical bills can wreak havoc on a budget. By installing a commercial solar electric system, you will take control of your building power. Our solutions and systems are available in a wide range of different sizes and options to meet every need.

Every business requires electricity to operate. From powering your lights to supplying energy to machinery and equipment and heating and air conditioning, electricity is used for a wide range of different tasks. When you choose a commercial solar installation, you will take control of your electric power costs. Upgrading your building with solar lets you reduce your dependency on the power company. These products help you cut your electricity costs, offering offering business owners a steady and predictable return over time.

Use Commercial Solar Panels to Protect the Environment, increase your bottom line and save you money on your federal income taxes. 

The right commercial solar panels and commercial solar ready roofing system you can trust that your rea receiving the top products and equipment available. You also receive single source responsibility for your roof and solar. 

Take advantage of a 30% federal tax credit and other federal incentives now before they are gone by choosing a commercial solar installation. Businesses that use solar panels are eligible for a tax credit, which is calculated after all other rebates and incentives. At our company, we feature a wide range of different options to fit your specific requirements. Our team is happy to help you select the right solar system, and we are available to perform your commercial roofing installation once you have made your decision.

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Contact us to choose our services for your commercial solar installation. We feature countless commercial solar systems for clients throughout Reading, Downingtown, Norristown, Harrisburg, and Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
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